Make Your Own Beads

I have two methods to share for making your own beads. This only begs the question: Paper or plastic?

1. Paper.

D.I.Y. Paper Beads

This method involves rolling paper to form the shape of the bead. Pro: Incredibly inexpensive, can use patterned paper. Con: Susceptible to wear and tear, especially water damage, unless they are carefully coated.

2. Plastic… if you can call it that. More like cornstarch.

Make Cornstarch Beads

This method involves creating  dough to shape the beads from. Pro: Relatively inexpensive, greater shape possibilities, create own colours. Con: Patterning requires own designs, harder to get even bead shapes, results are not as immediate (must bake or let harden).

Either way, I will be trying out both methods!


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