Pencil Sculptures

I came across these sculptures from Jennifer Maestre through my Flipbook app. These sculptures are so intriguing, I wish I could see them in person. Click on the images for more images and information.

Design Solution, Navajo Patterns

I figured out what to do for my four repeat patterns based on Navajo designs for my surface design class. They were created entirely in Photoshop. I wanted to play with the idea of trend, and instead of creating designs that would easily be recognizable as Navajo, I decided to use Navajo designs as inspiration to go down other routes: colour blocking and geometric patterning.





Mechanical Animals

Who doesn’t love paper dolls? They hold a certain nostalgia that most older childhood toys possess. I remember playing with a magnetic cardboard doll set that my mother had when she was a little girl. The charm and delight in these toys are in part, based on the materials used, as well as the simple movements the dolls can make. This site shows dolls from various makers. Though there are no DIY instructions, one can imagine how they are constructed, and these are good examples for inspiration!