Melted Bead Bowl

Apparently I’m on a melting spree.


This was inspired by Pinterest, again. I followed some tutorials to make three bowls.

  • I purchased a large quantity of Perler beads, removing the translucent beads because I like the look of the opaque ones.
  • Then I rubbed some vegetable oil on an oven safe bowl, and poured the beads inside.
  • By pressing down on the beads, they made their way up the bowl, in a single layer.
  • I put it in the oven and tried a different temperature each time: 200°F, 350°F, 400°F.
  • I also used various times, though my results were not the same as any of the tutorials.

I will keep one of the bowls, but I will have to try this technique again in the future to satisfy my crafty needs!

These are the links I followed:
Joan Bagger’s Blog …get Google to translate it.
Club Mom contribution from Virginia Champoux… her blog.
Club ChicaCircle

Happy Melting!


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