Melted Rainbow

Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like melting a wax rainbow.


Truth be told, I cannot take credit for this idea. I saw this on pinterest, then found a couple blog tutorials online.

These are the best links:
52 Kitchen Adventures

I took a box of 96 crayons and a 24″ x 20″ canvas. I left behind the browns, greys, black, and white. Then I glued them in a line across the top of the canvas. The rainbow can start with any colour. I chose to flank mine with red-orange on the left, and red-violet on the right.

The tutorials have the bloggers use a hair dryer in a painfully slow melting process of approximately 90 min.

I like immediate results.

I used a heating gun instead, which melted the wax faster, producing thinner streaks. I like the effect but I think I may go back and rework it a bit with a hair dryer to start off with some thicker lines.

What a satisfying project!


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