Drawing on Shoes

I’m going down a road I never thought I’d return to… drawing on apparel.

I went to Wal-mart, purchased a pair of white canvas sneakers (less than $10) and then to Michaels to purchase a fabric marker (almost as much $ as the shoes!). Then I went to town. I followed a lot of the lines that this blogger creates on her shoes, but as I was completing them, I realized that not only did I just blatantly copy her design, but I didn’t allow myself the creative room to breathe. I mean, isn’t that what drawing on your cheap shoes is all about? So I went over some areas to make some changes, and I love them even more now!

This is a great project to do if your canvas shoes are extremely dirty, or if you feel the need to get a little wild without getting something permanent on your skin! I’m just waiting for the moment I can dust off my Bedazzler.

Shoe Tutorial: Smitten and Hazel. Shoe DIY

Image source.


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