Concept Development: Conceptual Formal Distinctions, Proposal

So I’ve Submitted my proposal for project three. I’m in love with photo transfers, embroidery, and the both of them combined, as I have discovered after the last project.

How am I supposed to make anything else? I want to continue doing the same project! However, that is not possible so I have racked my brain to think of a way to change the medium of my project but keep the concept consistent with the last piece.

I’m proposing to make three dimensional objects time. The idea is to make them fit in the palm of the viewer, allowing the objects to become precious items of curiosity. I will needle felt small representations of the same favourite things I have embroidered in the last project.


Today we went to Lynde Shores Conservation Area with my family. It’s located along Bayly in Whitby. I have memories of coming here as an adolescent to skate on the ice and feed the birds. This time around, there was no skating but plenty of hand to bird action. Haha!

This was also my first time Geocaching, after biting the bullet and spending the ten bucks for the app. I like what I’ve experienced so far and I can’t wait to go on more adventures!










Good Friends, Good Food

Between fish sewing (that sounds odd, doesn’t it?) I’ve managed to meet up with my friend Camille and make a delicious dinner.

Camille has a (very) newly adopted kitten she’s named Wesley. He is only two months and more adorable than these pictures can ever show.



When we got home, Matt and I made Grilled Chicken Caesar Mac. This is a recipe we’ve tried before and it is to die for! We tend to make large meals, then portion them out and freeze them individually for future convenience. This is a recipe that freezes well, though it is much more tasty when it comes right out of the oven! Yum!


Melted Bead Bowl

Apparently I’m on a melting spree.


This was inspired by Pinterest, again. I followed some tutorials to make three bowls.

  • I purchased a large quantity of Perler beads, removing the translucent beads because I like the look of the opaque ones.
  • Then I rubbed some vegetable oil on an oven safe bowl, and poured the beads inside.
  • By pressing down on the beads, they made their way up the bowl, in a single layer.
  • I put it in the oven and tried a different temperature each time: 200°F, 350°F, 400°F.
  • I also used various times, though my results were not the same as any of the tutorials.

I will keep one of the bowls, but I will have to try this technique again in the future to satisfy my crafty needs!

These are the links I followed:
Joan Bagger’s Blog …get Google to translate it.
Club Mom contribution from Virginia Champoux… her blog.
Club ChicaCircle

Happy Melting!

Melted Rainbow

Nothing gets your creative juices flowing like melting a wax rainbow.


Truth be told, I cannot take credit for this idea. I saw this on pinterest, then found a couple blog tutorials online.

These are the best links:
52 Kitchen Adventures

I took a box of 96 crayons and a 24″ x 20″ canvas. I left behind the browns, greys, black, and white. Then I glued them in a line across the top of the canvas. The rainbow can start with any colour. I chose to flank mine with red-orange on the left, and red-violet on the right.

The tutorials have the bloggers use a hair dryer in a painfully slow melting process of approximately 90 min.

I like immediate results.

I used a heating gun instead, which melted the wax faster, producing thinner streaks. I like the effect but I think I may go back and rework it a bit with a hair dryer to start off with some thicker lines.

What a satisfying project!

A Grave Family Day

Actually, it wasn’t grave at all! Except, perhaps our location was a bit… morbid. We spent the day with my parents, enjoying the mild weather. We went on a walk, but it was no ordinary walk. We visited Mount Pleasant Cemetery, look for the grave markers of famous Canadians on a self-guided tour.

Unfortunately, I did not take any pictures, but Matt and I have gone on the same walk this past spring, so I’ll post some photos from our experience then.

Drawing on Shoes

I’m going down a road I never thought I’d return to… drawing on apparel.

I went to Wal-mart, purchased a pair of white canvas sneakers (less than $10) and then to Michaels to purchase a fabric marker (almost as much $ as the shoes!). Then I went to town. I followed a lot of the lines that this blogger creates on her shoes, but as I was completing them, I realized that not only did I just blatantly copy her design, but I didn’t allow myself the creative room to breathe. I mean, isn’t that what drawing on your cheap shoes is all about? So I went over some areas to make some changes, and I love them even more now!

This is a great project to do if your canvas shoes are extremely dirty, or if you feel the need to get a little wild without getting something permanent on your skin! I’m just waiting for the moment I can dust off my Bedazzler.

Shoe Tutorial: Smitten and Hazel. Shoe DIY

Image source.

Another Year Older

Yes, it’s true. I’m now 28. This birthday isn’t too scary but the next two will be!

At least I will be celebrating with good friends and these delicious cupcakes. I found the recipe for Sprinkles Strawberry Cupcakes on the internet. This is the third time I’ve made the recipe, and it is also the most successful. The batter is very thick and heavy – much different than a cake box mix. And the icing has the consistency (and colour) of strawberry ice cream. It’s a good thing I won’t be eating these alone!

Cupcake Recipe:

Featured on Martha Stewart’s show. And the Opera Show.

    Sprinkles Cupcakes' Strawberry Cupcakes